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Fluffy Marky

Fluffy Marky is the story of a young "bum", which overnight, wakes up transformed into a puppet, thereby losing its status, its popularity and its bearings, passing from bully to intimidated.

All Episodes Fluffy Marky

  • Fluffy Marky - Ep.1: The Transformation
    Marky, the leader of the trio of death is mysteriously transformed into a puppet.
  • Fluffy Marky - Ep.2: The Integration
    Marky learns to live in the skin of a puppet and it is not easy.
  • Fluffy Marky - Ep.3: The Fall
    Marky experiences diffult times when faced with his former victims.
  • Fluffy Marky - Ep.4: The Reject
    Everything collapses for Marky who is expelled from the trio of death and loses what he had most precious.
  • Fluffy Marky - Ep.5: The Revenge
    Marky decides to make justice fire by fire, but perhaps he will end being burned!
  • Fluffy Marky - Ep.6: The Illusion
    With the help of Frédérique, Marky elaborates a strategy to get rid of the trio of death that’s on his case.
  • Fluffy Marky - Ep.7: The Hope
    For the first time since his transformation, Marky sees light at the end of the tunnel and asks Jerome for help to become who he was once.
  • Fluffy Marky - Ep.8: The Origins
    If Marky has become a puppet, it is not by chance… The real ennemies are not always the ones we suspect.



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