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Interned L.A.

Welcome to intern orientation! Only problem, the people who were supposed to host it completely forgot about it.

All Episodes Interned L.A.

  • Interned L.A. - Episode 1
    Max and Emily try to relax in the courtyard as the daunting realization that the winter internship is starting that day creeps up on them.
  • Interned L.A. - Episode 2
    Jordan sets out on a personal mission to discover the origins of a shower she finds in one of the studio's bathroom.
  • Interned L.A. - Episode 3
    Tess finds herself tangled in an awkward situation after she is instructed to wash dishes.
  • Interned L.A. - Episode 4
    Tess tries to please Emily's requests for a summary of the Goldfinch and who should get the credit.
  • Interned L.A. - Episode 5
    Jordan's attempts to enjoy the nice California weather embarrass Max.
  • Interned L.A. - Episode 6
    Jackson tries to move up in the entertainment industry by displaying his head shot and resume everywhere he can find, only to be denied by the executives.
  • Interned L.A. - Episode 7
    Cassie tries to figure out exactly how her personal emails were leaked as news of a new North Korean hacking hits the Hollywood Reporter.
  • Interned L.A. - Episode 8
    Cassie helps Jackson prepare his audition for the upcoming "Gates: The Bill Gates Story" to exhaustion.
  • Interned L.A. - Episode 9
    Tess plans a rendez-vous with another North Korean sleeper working at Kiehl Studios.
  • Interned L.A. - Episode 10
    Everyone gets involved in chat with the presumed Supreme Leader of North Korea.



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