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Fountain & Never

Fountain & Never re-imagines JM Barrie’s Peter Pan as an urban street tale and follows the lives of six foster kids who have aged out of the system, left to struggle on the unforgiving streets of Los Angeles.

All Episodes Fountain & Never

  • Fountain & Never - Episode 1
    Brick makes a discovery that puts her in harm’s way. The crew mourns the loss of a mentor.
  • Fountain & Never - Episode 2
    Jess gets in trouble at her internship. The crew goes on a hunt.
  • Fountain & Never - Episode 3
    Hook sets an agenda for Peter. Peter finds Jess at home while the crew finds no luck.
  • Fountain & Never - Episode 4
    Peter and Jes’s past is revealed when he abandons the rest of the group. He and Jess rehash old fights while the crew reals.
  • Fountain & Never - Episode 5
    Brick gets help. Peter finds out who his parents are, but there’s a catch.
  • Fountain & Never - Episode 6
    Sink and Brick discover a new element to their relationship while Peter tries to reach out to his parents.
  • Fountain & Never - Episode 7
    Brick reveals she knows who killed John but is too afraid to help Jess take them down.
  • Fountain & Never - Episode 8
    Jess comforts Brick after a failed venture. Serene tries to push away a friend who won’t give up on her.
  • Fountain & Never - Episode 9
    The crew welcomes back an old friend while Jess and Brick take on a murderous pharma employee.



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