Videofashion Specials - South African Style

In this issue of Videofashion Specials, we head to Johannesburg for South Africa Fashion Week, introducing you to the talented designers who, while rooted in their native Africa, are poised to share their collections with the rest of the fashion world! Visit the studio of South Africa’s “godfather” of fashion, Clive Rundle, as he preps for his vibrantly sexy show. Hovering between nature and city, the chic designs from Lunar are crafted from natural fabrics, and after their fairy tale presentation, the designers behind the experimental label Black Coffee take us to some of their favorite boutiques in the hip neighborhood of Melville. We meet celebrated local sportswear designer Craig Native who shows off his latest collection and takes us on a tour of the Mai Mai Market, home of vibrant and inspiring African crafts. Plus, check out the elegant gowns from local favorite Marion & Lindie, and tour the Via la Moda factory where exotic crocodile and ostrich skins are finessed into elegant handbags and accessories.