Bikini Destinations - Bora Bora

Journey to the middle of the Pacific’s Bora Bora as bikini models dive with sharks, play with stingrays, sample some Tahitian dance rituals and tour this island paradise. As remote as Bora Bora and the French Polynesian islands are, it’s no wonder that Bora Bora was among the last to be discovered by modern civilization and remains amid the most remote locations on the planet. Bora Bora is a hidden emerald with blue lagoons, amazing water-front bungalow resorts and exciting activities ranking Bora Bora as one of the most treasured destinations. Bikini Destinations models board a private plane from Tahiti to get to this tropical paradise. Once there the excitement grows as the girls get friendly with giant manta ray, even friendlier with swarming schools of sharks and downright lovable with stingrays. The girls four wheel to the island’s lush tropical peak and wake board over lagoon water. Our models appease their appetites at Bora Bora’s reputable Bloody Mary’s, get native with Polynesian dance lessons, and don’t forget, model in the sexiest bikinis against the most majestic backdrop yet on Bikini Destinations Bora Bora.