Bikini Destinations - Catalina

Nostalgic Catalina Island delivers a classic Bikini Destinations with stunning California views, quaint Avalon harbor shopping, a submarine trip, and fun in the sun at the island’s Desconso Beach with kayaking, beach-side massages and of course beautiful bikini models. Just 26 miles from Los Angeles, Catalina Island is known as one of the most romantic getaways around. Perched just far away enough to be exclusive, yet close enough to be accessible, Catalina Island has it all. Our girls, including one time Miss Hawaiian Tropic International Erica Reams, take on Catalina’s mountainous-ridged spine by Hummer for a west-to-east panoramic tour of the surreal Pacific Ocean off California’s coast. Avalon, Catalina’s only town, climbs into the island’s hills from the cozy harbor and offers Riviera-style shopping, California dining and acts as a base for many water and land-based activities. The girls enjoy kayaking and personal water crafts along Catalina’s rocky shore, a Hummer tour to Catalina’s highest peaks, and even a close up look at ocean life by submarine.