Bikini Destinations - Costa Rica

Going down Central America style on a surfing adventure with Endless Summer II’s Wingnut, and Sam August. Bikini Destination girls take a trip through Costa Rica’s rain forest canopy, ride horses along the white sand beaches of Tamarindo, and surf with legends of the sport. In a Bikini Destination’s first, we travel to Central America’s surfing capitol Costa Rica and the sea-side hamlet of Tamarindo. Surrounded by rain forest beauty, our girls horse-back ride along sandy beaches, and take a zip-line tour through the dense canopy of rain forest trees. Joining the girls on this trip is Endless Summer II talent and long board surfing legend Wingnut, along with Sam August, son of the original Endless Summer’s Robert August. Our girls get surfing lessons while hanging out with surfing model and spokes girl Mary Osborne.