Bikini Destinations - Maui Hawaii

Bikini models slip into Maui as easily as they slip into the hottest bikinis. The girls visit with kite surfer Susanne Mai, and renowned marine artist and surfer Christian Lassen. Models are shot at Lassen’s spectacular shoreline home. Maui’s high winds, perfect waves and abundant sea life make for a complete package. Bikini Destinations catches up with Susanne Mai, an artful, talented and beautiful kite surfer who skips over the water and soars through the air powered only by the wind and a large kite. Maui’s Christian Lassen has been painting marine scenery for years and is known the world over for his captivating imagination and poetic vision. His lifestyle and motto is simple, ‘Be happy. Never be content.’ It’s easy to see in his eyes and hear in his voice. Furthermore, Casey Bennett takes us behind the scenes to his own vision and philosophy to shooting Hi Def video in Maui’s spectacular natural settings. Lassen’s home is an outrageous setting for one of Bikini Destination’s best bikini model shoots.