Bikini Destinations - Oahu Hawaii

BD Oahu is an action fest as bikini models skydive, submerge in a submarine, paddle outrigger canoes and scuba dive and surf one of Hawaii’s most famous beaches. Hawaii ‘s recognizable attractions and models tell a tropic story. Sure there’s the surfing, the sandy beaches and jungle-green peaks reaching to the sky. But what happens when you add gorgeous girls jumping out of airplanes, surfing long boards, paddling outrigger canoes, diving in submarines and scuba diving? Well now we’re just talking crazy. And don’t forget footage of golden babes in curvy bikinis. Bikini Destinations Oahu pushes the envelope on how much fun and beauty we can pack into a single episode. BD Oahu includes imagery only the island can provide, including Diamond Head, Waikiki, luxury catamaran sailing, picturesque rocky shores and secluded caves. You’ll also find some of the most outgoing and personable girls yet full of excitement and zeal in extraordinary situations and locations.