Bikini Destinations - South Beach

Bikini Destinations models get hands on with wild alligators, offshore racing boats, propeller-driven swamp runners, high-fashion shopping sprees and a few of the hottest dance clubs in Miami’s South Beach. Bikini Destinations captures top models including Jennifer Brown doing the expected: shopping for nightlife fashion necessities in South Beach boutiques; doing the imaginable racing an offshore cigarette boat to lightening speeds; doing the unthinkable getting cuddly with Everglade alligators; and doing the dreamy posing for photo shoots in sleek bikinis pool side and by the sea. This is the first episode yet to include a disclaimer. That’s right, “Do not try this anywhere, anytime.” Meet Manny Puig, alligator affection specialist and general fear-nothing. If kissing frogs produces princes, what does kissing alligators get you? Bikini Destinations gets you up close to the action and the beauty in the Everglades and South Beach dance clubs.