Bikini Destinations - Spring Break Cancun

Bikini Destinations dives deep into Mexico’s Spring Break tradition. Hawaiian Tropic girls spin in whirling jet boats, rave in throbbing dance mobs, zip down cable swings and then relax for photo shoots on white sand beaches and ancient ruins. Spring Break is an impulse. It’s reflexive. It’s hormonal. Cancun draws vacationing students from all walks of upper education to the seaside chaos year after year. Hawaiian Tropics girls are there and Bikini Destinations catches them in action uncovering the once-in-a-lifetime experiences they experience. Bikini Destinations joins the Hawaiian Tropic girls as they scream over the sea in whirling jet boats that get too close for comfort to immovable objects. Bikini Destinations Cancun is there in the middle of sweaty pulsating throngs of entranced dancers and on the flip side, BD shoots bikini girls amidst the peaceful and ancient ruins of Xcareta.