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Party at Micah's - Episode 10: Cat Videos

Jillian wants to show Dani her favorite cat video. Dani wants nothing to do with it.


  • Party At Micah's - Episode 1: Karaoke Time!
    In the first episode of Party at Micah’s, Carrie desperately tries to get anyone and everyone to sing karaoke with her, focusing on the gay couple in the corner.
  • Party At Micah's - Episode 2: The Closeted Straight and Narrow
    Carter’s history as a “Closeted Straight” is exposed after he cheats on his boyfriend Alec with Carrie. Two gossips watch as the drama ensues.
  • Party at Micah's - Episode 3: InstaWhat
    Abigail spends the party photobombing pictures to upgrade her Instagram presence. When the rest of the party catches on, they form a drinking game based around her Instagram, except for Steph, who tri...
  • Party At Micah's - Episode 4: A-ccentual
    Jamie promised Elanna that if they don’t have fun at the party, they can leave. Elanna’s ready to go, but Jamie has one last trick to attract the public: Her Scottish Accent.
  • Party At Micah's - Episode 5: Drunk Push-Ups
    Dani does push-ups when she’s drunk, inspiring others to join her, including Carter, who gets way too competitive.
  • Party at Micah's - Episode 6: So So
    Tommy and Jillian can’t figure out how to have a conversation, not because of the sexual tension between them, but because both of them are trying to hook up with the people behind them.
  • Party at Micah's - Episode 7: Desperate Measures
    Carrie had too much to drink at the party. After Jacquelin gets fed up taking care of her, Luke comes in to save the day with his “unique” brand of romance, which includes lots of hair stroking.
  • Party at Micah's - Episode 8: What is Luck
    Tommy and Elanna get philosophical over video games, pondering questions such as “what is luck?”. When Luke overhears, he gets ready to school them both, in GoldenEye and philosophy.
  • Party at Micah's - Episode 9: I Know You
    Amanda and Luke have known each other for a long time, but Amanda thinks he’s the dude she used to have a crush on. Instead, Luke seems to be less of lover, and more of an animal torturer.
  • Party at Micah's - Episode 10: Cat Videos
    Jillian wants to show Dani her favorite cat video. Dani wants nothing to do with it.
  • Party at Micah's - Episode 11: eX-Men
    Steph, Amanda, Jamie, and Jacquelin all dish about their ex-boyfriends, and the ease of stalking them in a Social Media age.
  • Party At Micah's - Episode 12: Objectively
    Ashley attempts to sleep with Alec, in order to make up for her sleeping with his boyfriend, Carter.
  • Party At Micah's - Episode 13: The Party Is Over
    After learning of her friends’ true opinions of her, Steph freaks out, and Micah has to come in finally to save the party.