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Super Sinne

Have you ever wondered why some animals have such crazy looking sense organs? Why do snakes have a split tongue? Why do elephants have such huge ears? Why do some bats have different looking ears and noses? Why do moths have antennae that look like feathers? Every feature has a special purpose that has evolved to ensure the survival of the animal. Just like us, animals rely on their senses to communicate with each other, to nd their way around,to find food and to stay safe.

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  • Am Himmel
    Animals that live life on the wing, have a vast expanse of sky to navigate, find mates, locate food, and avoid predators in… Living in this aerial realm requires a unique set of senses, specializ...
  • Der 7. Sinn
    There’s a whole world and more than one spectrum of sensations that animals are aware of, yet which just pass humans by. And yet, while it’s widely known that, for example, a dog’s sense of sm...
  • Gehör
    On this episode we travel from the desert, to the forest, Australia to Borneo and back to learn how species as diverse as Bat-eared Foxes, the Bilby, Deer, Kangaroo Rats, cicadas, Proboscis Monkeys ...
  • Geschmack und Geruch
    On this episode of Animal Super Senses, we examine how things taste, and how vital scent is from the animal perspective. But their sense of smell will also detect the scent of odorants carried throu...
  • Gespür
    On this episode of Animal Super Senses, we get in touch with the feelings of wild animals. Really in touch. Because animals, just like humans, rely heavily on their sense of touch, every day in every ...
  • In der Nacht
    In this episode of Animal Super Senses, we find out more about the animals that live in the shadows and the adaptations they need to survive… Nocturnal animals have taken to this dark world for go...
  • Kommunikation
    Animals use communication to attract mates,warn off predators, defend territory, or trick their prey. And of course, it’s the senses that play the key role - Sight, smell, taste, touch, and hear...
  • Meister der Sinne
    In this episode of animal Super Senses we take the grand tour to see the greatest of all the special weapons that help some animals to govern the wilderness. In this episode we literally see it, he...
  • Sehvermögen
    In this episode we'll explore the animal sense of sight, and you’ll see there’s a lot more to this than meets the naked eye. The human imagination is limited when it comes to animal senses. Peop...
  • Übernatürliche Fähigkeiten
    There are senses we share with most animals, but what about those senses that human is equipped with? Infrared light, electromagnetic waves and ultrasound, are all found within a spectrum of sensory...
  • Unter Wasser
    While all life began in the oceans, human beings now rely on technology to navigate the seven seas – left to our own devices; we’re like the proverbial fish out of water. Only the other way arou...
  • Unterirdisch
    In this episode of Animal Super Senses, we find out more about the animals that have their feet firmly planted on or under the ground... and find out how their senses are tuned to survive. What we s...
  • Zeitgefühl
    In this episode, we examine how every animal has what could be called a sense of rhythm – the human animal included. To give an obvious example, there’s our internal body clock which responds to...



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