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The lives of five people are forever changed when a mysterious alien ship appears on the skyline over Bristol. Its intentions unclear, the disparate group attempt to flee the city and reach loved ones, but their efforts are impeded by a city in panic, looters, and the threat of military attack.

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  • Horizon - Ep-1: Arrival
    In the aftermath of a near fatal car accident, four people returning from a funeral realize nothing will ever be the same when they look to the sky and see a mysterious alien ship hovering over their ...
  • Horizon - Ep.2: Evacuate
    The group return home and, amid newscasts warning them to stay where they are, struggle to decide what they should do next. As they attempt to track down a missing family member, a horrible realizatio...
  • Horizon - Ep.3: Reunion
    Steven heads into the city alone to try and track down his missing step-sister, but matters are complicated when it appears the people she is with may not be willing to let her go without a fight.
  • Horizon - Ep.4: Supplies
    Dan, Chloe and Nicole head to the local supermarket to try and get supplies, only to find it has been overrun with looters. The group must fight for their survival when a confrontation inside turns vi...
  • Horizon - Ep.5: Sanctuary
    Steven and Katie reach the local church in their efforts to find Sarah. As the local priest encourages them to stay with the rest of his congregation, Steven battles with how best to protect his famil...
  • Horizon - Ep.6: Sanders
    Nicole finds herself in the company of a mysterious stranger, and must decide who she can trust when he asks for her help in an unusual matter.
  • Horizon - Ep.7: Infection
    Dan and Chloe take shelter in her parent’s home. As they try to cope in the aftermath of events at the supermarket, things turn deadly and it is clear they're not out of danger just yet…
  • Horizon - Ep.8: Secrets
    Nicole and Sanders have to work together when their mysterious new visitors turn against them, and they are forced on the run.
  • Horizon - Ep.9: Past
    We meet the group before things all began and see how they came together, but did they receive forewarning of the impending attack?
  • Horizon - Ep.10: Safe
    Still separated, the group all make a last ditch attempt to reach the farm-house, but are they truly safe?



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