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Interned NY

A series that finds the humorous side in the ups and downs of working as intern in a big corporate environment. There is a better log line somewhere ;) lets see if we can find it.

All Episodes Interned NY

  • Interned NY - Episode 1
    It’s the blind leading the blind when Audrey, the intern coordinator is giving all the new interns their orientation.
  • Interned NY - Episode 2
    Audrey deals with some personal drama, leaving Leah in charge of leading the tour. Leah, however, seems more interested in preserving her own job than teaching the newbies.
  • Interned NY - Episode 3
    Tensions rise when Connor reveals his surprise talent - sharpening pencils.
  • Interned NY - Episode 4
    When Leah and Zoey try to help in the sound booth, two more traditional interns seem the opportunity for a power play.
  • Interned NY - Episode 5
    Audrey uses a coffee run as an excuse to get Connor out of the way, so she can talk to Rickey about Leah.
  • Interned NY - Episode 6
    When Tessa learns that Connor’s rich, she will stop at nothing to get her hands on him.
  • Interned NY - Episode 7
    Everyone’s excited for Audrey’s birthday, that is, except for Audrey.
  • Interned NY Season 2 - Episode 1
    When a new intern Kevin starts doing all of Mary’s work, tensions quickly arise. V-town’s bad girl image is at risk when her Christian values are exposed.
  • Interned NY Season 2 - Episode 2
    Mary brings up V-Town’s rider to the overworked Zoey who uncovers a childhood secret about her boyfriend.
  • Interned NY Season 2 - Episode 3
    Kevin and the other interns react poorly to finding out that interns are federally mandated to receive educational experiences while Audrey swallows her pride with V-Town’s insane requests.
  • Interned NY Season 2 - Episode 4
    An embarrassing video of Kevin goes viral leading to prime embarrassment. Zoey is the victim of stolen identity with Sarah.
  • Interned NY Season 2 - Episode 5
    V-Town isn’t feeling hot and looks for encouragement from among the staff.
  • Interned NY Season 2 - Episode 6
    After an Will is fired he throws a resistance party for the un-paid interns. Zoey vents her frustrations at the party to no effect.



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